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Teletalk Internet Offer 2020 (Activation Code)

Are you looking for a Teletalk Internet offer 2019? Read the article about the Teletalk Internet package. Teletalk is the own state telecom company of Bangladesh. According to the BTRC Mobile Phone subscribers report, it has more than 4.553 million subscribers.
Teletalk provides free internet offer, internet bonus,  and internet offers. In this article information about Teletalk Internet offer/Teletalk Internet Package 2019. All Teletalk internet offer 2019 have been updated below.

Teletalk Internet Offer 2020

Teletalk has a cheap internet package both 2G, 3G, and 4G. All prepaid and postpaid users use a heavy internet package. They also provide an Unlimited internet package. So, All Teletalk Internet Offer 2020 are listed below.

Teletalk Internet Package List

Data PackPriceValidityActivation Code
45 MB9 Tk2 Days*111*501#
100 MB18 Tk3 Days*111*502#
150 MB24 Tk7 Days*111*512#
250 MB28 Tk3 Days*111*503#
300 MB39 Tk10 Days*111*513#
1 GB112 Tk15 Days*111*521#
2 GB33 Tk2 Days*111*33#
2 GB ( 1 GB + 1 GB Bonus)78 Tk(1 GB 10 Days)*111*511#
1 GB111 Tk30 Days*111*530#
2 GB167 Tk15 Days*111*522#
2 GB (1 GB + 1 GB Bonus)201 Tk(1 GB 30 Days)*111*531#
5 GB151 Tk7 Days*111*151#
10 GB249 Tk10 Days*111*249#
30 GB449 Tk30 Days*111*449#
4 GB (2 GB + 2 GB Bonus)301 Tk(2 GB 30 Days)*111*532#
8 GB (4 GB + 4 GB Bonus )391 Tk(4 GB 30 Days)*111*533#
1 GB + 1 GB168 Tk30 Days*111*534#
5 GB445 Tk30 Days*111*550#
10 GB835 Tk30 Days*111*551#
15 GB1002 Tk30 Days*111*552#
25 GB1169 Tk30 Days*111*553#
40 GB1669 Tk30 Days*111*554#
60 GB2225 Tk30 Days*111*555#


Teletalk Agami Internet offer

Teletalk provides a special Agami internet offer 2020. Only GPA5 students can get Agami Package.

Data VolumePriceValidityUSSD Code
1 GB94 Tk30 Days*111*544#
1 GB21 Tk2 DaysN/A
5 GB334 Tk30 Days*111*545#
10 GB159 Tk10 DaysN/A
20 MBN/A1 DaysD43
1 GB43 Tk30 DaysN/A
1 GB21 Tk2 DaysN/A


Teletalk internet offer Bornomala

Teletalk Bornomala student internet package 2019, Some of Data plan for Teletalk internet offer Bornomala are listed below:

Data VolumePriceValidityActivation Code
500 MB70 Tk30 Days*111*571#
1 GB21 Tk2 DaysN/A
1 GB53 Tk30 DaysN/A
1 GB104 Tk10 Days*111*572#
6 GB400 Tk30 Days*111*573#
10 GB159 Tk10 DaysN/A


Oporajita Internet Package

Teletalk internet offers Oporajita 2019. Oporajita Package is the special prepaid package for girls in Bangladesh. Now, See some Oporajita Internet code and price.

Data VolumePriceActivation CodeValidity
1 GB8 Tk*111*8#7 Days
1 GB18 Tk*111*18#2 Days
2 GB36 Tk*111*36#(Regular 7 Days)
(1 GB of regular data(Bonus 1 Day)
1 GB89 TkN/A30 Days
10 GB149 Tk*111*149#10 Days
2 GB*111*199#30 Days


Mayer Hasi Internet Offer

Teletalk Mayer Hasi is a Free prepaid package for the student’s mother. Teletalk has some Mayer Hasi Internet offer.

Data VolumePriceValidityUSSD CodeShort Code
1 GB79 Tk30 Days*111*79#D79
2 GB131 Tk30 Days*111*131#D131


Corporate Internet Package

Teletalk has some corporate data plans. Activation code, price, and validity are given below.

Data VolumePriceValidityUSSD Code
2 GB160 Tk30 DaysCP01
5 GB300 Tk30 DaysCP02
10 GB500 Tk30 DaysCP03
15 GB675 Tk30 DaysCP04
25 GB1000 Tk30 DaysCP05
40 GB1400 Tk30 DaysCP06
60 GB1800 Tk30 DaysCP07

Teletalk Important internet codes

To know Account Balance and remaining internet, Dial *152#
To check Teletalk’s remaining internet balance, write U and send it to 111.

Teletalk Internet Setting

To get handset settings: Write “set” and send SMS to “738”

Teltalk Internet Pack FAQ:

Question: How can I check TeleTalk account balance?
Answer: Teletalk balance check: Dial *152#
Question: How can I buy/activate teletalk Internet package?
Answer: To buy the Teletalk internet package, send SMS to 111.
Question: How to stop the Internet in teletalk?
Answer: N/A
Question: How can I check teletalk internet balance?
Answer: write U and send to 111 (Free)
Question: How can I activate teletalk 3G?
Answer: write 3G and send it to 666.
Question: How can I upgrade 4G?
Answer: no need to dial any code.
Question: How can I recharge my TeleTalk scratch card?
Answer: To recharge the scratch card dial *151*hidden number#
Question: How can I get emergency Internet balance in teletalk?
Answer: Dial *1122# to get Teletalk emergency balance.
All Internet Pack and internet offer information are collected from Teletalk Official website They can change or modify any package at any time.

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