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৳ 14,999.00
৳ 15,000.00
৳ 14,500.00
৳ 0.00
৳ 21,990.00
৳ 11,499.00
৳ 59,990.00
৳ 6,999.00
৳ 10,999.00
৳ 12,490.00
৳ 79,990.00

Mobile Phone Price in Bangladesh 2019

Mobile phone or cellular phone or handphone is wireless telephone special. The first mobile phone in Bangladesh was launched in April 1993. Hutchison Bangladesh Telecom Limited started mobile phone service in Bangladesh using AMPS mobile technology in the first city of Dhaka.

In the era of the progress of current science, the need for mobile phones in relation to establishing relationships with foreign countries, including education, culture, conduct, etc are inevitable. Today’s mobile phone has brought the world to its hands


Android Smartphones:

The first Android phone was launched commercially in 2008. Android phone introduced by Android operating system. The short-lived Android was able to capture the entire mobile market. These phones are easy to download and use on Android Store applications. Android phones were popularized in Bangladesh after the launch of the 3G network on June 4, 20144. Symphony of Android and Samsung phones are popular among these Southeast Asian countries. 80% of Bangladeshi users use Android smartphones

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